Reeferpunk 2.0

In celebration of the reemergence of ticked-off Americans via the Occupy Wall Street movement I’ve decided to totally revamp (Actually my decision had nothing to do with OWS, but I wanted to sound like I’m on top of current events. Besides, the characters of Reeferpunk where sticking it to the man back when the man was still be-speckled with pimples.)

First off, I apologize for the lack of transmissions lately. But I promise my next novel, The Austin Job, is coming along nicely and will hopefully be available in electronic and paper format by Christmas!

Yes, you heard me. By 2012, Reeferpunk will join the tree-gobbing ranks of other best-selling paperbacks such as, Jimmy, Crack my Corns*, and Get Confident, Stupid!* (*Titles may not actually exist).

It has come to my attention that not all readers own madfangled reading devices, and that said devices cause spontaneous brain gnomes (or some sort of similarly dreaded condition). O.K. fine. Paperbacks for some! And brain gnomes for others! I’ll keep the faithful abreast of further developments as paper release draws near.

That being said, I will continue to enhance my electronic profile by beefing up the old website sometime this winter. Until then I will only be posting sporadically as I attempt to finish up the next couple of books. In the meantime you can send me feedback in regards to any trouble you’ve had with the site or suggestions for the new Reeferpunk merchandizing brand name empire.

You can also stop by for all my regular posts.

Viva this!

What’s an Indie?

Discontents NovelThe first thing I envision when I hear the word “Indie” is Harrison Ford in a burning bar coming to the rescue of that chick. (you know, the “Indie!” chick). But these days the word Indie is flopped around like so many portly bellies at a drunken, backyard Slip and Slide party.

So what pray tell exactly is an “Indie?” (See examples here and here. This is where I’m going with all this. Save yourself the grief. Skip the blog post and check out this great sale of Indie books.) Most simply it is an independent artist. An independent artist is actually a leech on society, dependent on everyone and their parakeet to throw him or her crusts from their peanut butter and jelly. But in this case the independent part means the artist has shucked off the chafing restraints of the medium’s traditional gatekeepers. [Read more…]