Lost DMB Files Now Streaming

My Substack Adventure with The Green Ones has gone pretty well over the last few months, so I’m launching a new streaming Substack for the Lost DMB Files! (Actually, I’ve already launched it.) If you are a fan of my pulpy western stories, then hold onto your saddle horn. I’m gonna stream their entirety, a … Read more Lost DMB Files Now Streaming

Fistful of Reefer: ch.1

Cantinas on either side of the border fascinated Chancho—such important frivolousness. He cupped his shot of tequila, a Reposado rested in American oak, in the palm of his hand while listening to a collision of conversations. Not particularly fond of enclosed spaces, he shut his eyes.   Slurred English came from the direction of the … Read more Fistful of Reefer: ch.1