RRS Roundup: Free Books on Writing

This week on Read it! Review it! Share it! I’m going all practical! I’m still a crazy rebel indie-style something wicked bad. But everyone needs a couple of free resources for juicing their creative endeavors every now and then. So have at ’em.

Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success (Smashwords Guides)

This is the latest by Mark Coker. If you just woke up from a pre-ebook coma then I should tell you that Coker is pretty much the founder of the indie ebook publishing revolution (if any one person could be dubbed this). He is behind Smashwords.com where you can also go and get Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success for free.

This book goes well beyond Smashwords to include all the basics you need to know and be reminded of as an indie author trying to spread the word on your genius far and wide. Readily digestible and full of best practices, this is a must reference to have on hand. And it’s free! (*0.99 at Kindle store) Read it! Review it! Share it!

Write Good or Die

This free writing advice book takes the approach that all writing advise sucks. Well, sorta. Rather the editor, Scott Nicholson, acknowledges that there are so many individual approaches to being a successful/career writer today that no single writer’s advice can be completely applicable to any other writer.

So, Nicholson put together a diverse lineup of career writers from all sorts of backgrounds to each share their best stuff. The result is a worthy, inspirational read for the sort of indie writer willing to think outside the box and push the limits in order to succeed. Write Good or Die! Read it! Review it! Share it!

Smashwords: Publishing’s Rented Mule

GreenPorch Winter of eReadingNot that I would ever beat a mule of any sort, but you know how the saying goes. If the eVerse has a rented mule, it is Smashwords.

This fact is partly due to the fact Smashwords is practically a grey-haired veteran of the electric publishing world. Started in May 2008, it’s ancient in the eBook world. But the reasons for maligning the eBook publishing and distribution platform are as diverse as the books Smashwords spits out through its “meat grinder” software.

Some fart in Smashwords’ general direction due to its complete lack of quality control. (They will publish anyone willing to format their content to meet their meat grinder requirements.) Some thumb their noses due to the fact that Smashwords is anti-DRM (Digital Rights Management, or Drunken Rowdy Monkeys). [Read more…]

Smashwords Challenge

The time has come. Whether you inhale or not, it is time to get your free Fistful of Reefer from Smashwords.com. (Don’t worry about the free thing. I’ll ask you to buy it next week from Amazon in my next post. I know, so demanding!)

[dropcap2]F[/dropcap2]istful of Reefer has skyrocketed up the “Best Seller” chart on Smashwords to the number 16 spot since uploading it on July 13th. But, only the first 10 make the first page, and you know how it is. When you google something how often do you look past the first page of results? So Fistful needs to climb 6 more spots in order to get additional publicity. Rabid FREE downloads from all my loyal fans can push Fistful over the top! (FREE offer expires on July 28th!)[divider]

Get your Fistful(s) today!

Even if you plan on waiting to read the Kindle version, or you never plan on reading my stinking book anyway (or you never learned to read). Go and download a copy today. You can even download additional copies to email to friends (downloading addition copies basically just gives you legal permission to copy it yourself because books on Smashwords have no protective measures.) So feel free to spread the love. www.smashwords.com

It’s time to make this thing go viral. I don’t plan on making my pennies from all my beloved friends and fans, but from all those strangers out there who haven’t yet discovered the life altering bliss that is Reeferpunk. And your download is one of the best ways to get the word out (and this time it won’t even cost you). While you are there, don’t forget to download Reeferpunk, Volume One of short stories (which is also climbing the short stories chart).[divider]

Leave a review

Lastly, if you’ve already read Fistful or the shorts then please leave a review. I have one review currently. Only five more (5 star) reviews will put me on page one of the “Highest Rated” novels participating in the summer sale on Smashwords. Getting on this list would be another coup d’état for Fistful.

You guys rock! Thanks so much for your faithful support.