Smashwords: Publishing’s Rented Mule

GreenPorch Winter of eReadingNot that I would ever beat a mule of any sort, but you know how the saying goes. If the eVerse has a rented mule, it is Smashwords.

This fact is partly due to the fact Smashwords is practically a grey-haired veteran of the electric publishing world. Started in May 2008, it’s ancient in the eBook world. But the reasons for maligning the eBook publishing and distribution platform are as diverse as the books Smashwords spits out through its “meat grinder” software.

Some fart in Smashwords’ general direction due to its complete lack of quality control. (They will publish anyone willing to format their content to meet their meat grinder requirements.) Some thumb their noses due to the fact that Smashwords is anti-DRM (Digital Rights Management, or Drunken Rowdy Monkeys).

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Reeferpunk, Vol. 1 at Smashwords

smashwords logoMy first ebook of Reeferpunk shorts is available at now! I haven’t exactly put on the big boy pants yet, but I’m out of diapers anyway. (Currently I’m streaking around the office buck naked.)

Smashwords, for those of you unfamiliar with the flying-the-finger-realm of indie writers and readers who think that DRM (Digital Rights Management) is akin to a crack team of 300 lb. smoke jumpers stationed in the Antarctic to make sure the ice doesn’t melt, let me introduce you to Smashwords.

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