$0.99 Sale on De Novo Syndrome!

DeNovoSyndromecoversmallStart reading the DMB Files for only $0.99.

For the next few days, May 1st-3rd, DE NOVO SYNDROME will be available for $0.99. This three day sale is in celebration of the release of Desert Gods, the second novel of the DMB Files. So why $0.99 instead of free? Well, for a handful of reasons, free promotional events are losing their effectiveness. They no longer drive books up the rankings in ebook stores like Amazon, etc. And in most cases, the readers who are uploading free books tend to read only free books. In other words, they would prefer to wait around until the next book in the series is offered for free, rather than going out to buy it. $0.99 is the new free!!!

So, on that note…

DE NOVO SYNDROME will be on sale for $0.99 May 1st-3rd!!!

Available at AmazonBarnes and Noble and Kobo Books. If you insist on paying the full $2.99, just wait until May 4th! The sale is for ebooks only, but De Novo is available in paperback as well, from Amazon.

BookBub is one of the key sites that will be advertising this promotional. If you are constantly looking for books on sale for cheap or free within your favorite genres, I recommend signing up. They will send you a daily email with the books that fall within your perimeters. I have found the site to be a quality, professional service.

Finally, you can always spread the word about De Novo Syndrome to anyone else you think would be a fan. (just share this post!) Keep your fingers crossed that this promo will be the perfect boost for the expanding series. Above all, enjoy the show!

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