Why My Eighth Book is Different

DesertGodssmallYup. Eight. It’s been three years since I started writing full-time. During the first year I worked exclusively on my first book, Fistful of Reefer. The next year I hammered out The Austin Job, Twitch and Die! and a compilation of Lost DMB File shorts.

Over the last twelve months, I’ve written De Novo Syndrome, Desert Gods, The Green Ones: Season One, and now I’m polishing up First Relic. And you know what? I’m starting to learn the ropes as a professional writer.

The reason I’m most confident of this fact? My eighth book has been nothing but pure product. The kind of product you dip your pinky finger into and dab on your tongue. You smear it across the front of your teeth, turn to your peers and say, “It’s pure. Break it down, boys.”

In Plain English

My eighth book has been my first non-emotional creation. Not that the process of writing it was completely dispassionate, but I was able to complete the first draft with a professional disassociation. I drew it forth and crafted it with a professional eye from a safe distance. Rather than writing by gut, I wrote according to informed and experienced inspiration.

Twitch and Die!While I suspect the vast majority of readers would never discern the behind-the-scenes differences via the final product, as the creator, I know I’ve entered a whole new world. I feel like I’ve left my pull-ups in the drawer and boldly embraced the world of briefs.

Sure, I might have a few accidents. My sparkling new Hulk Underoos may not remain unadulterated for long. In moments of giddy, childlike glee I’ll lose control and let my muse run away with me. I might even embrace a few short bouts of non-commercial nudity (and just run around the backyard buck-naked writing whatever the hell I feel like.) But ultimately, there’s no going back to diapers now.

Pure, Reader-Centric Products

My eighth book, First Relic, is indeed a new first. With it, I’ve proved to myself I can craft quality stories completely independent of my moods. I’m a professional writer, one step closer to creating pure reader-centric products unburdened by my own insecurities. And I like the feeling.

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