Amazon Reefer Blitz

Blitzkrieg!!! On July 28th the history of the written word will take a diversionary path from which it may never recover, and you can be a part of it. It’s an Amazon Blitz, baby. [tent fingers diabolically while listening to “Ballroom Blitz” by The Sweet]

[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]he Amazon Kindle store uses highly trained algorithmical bots to scour the site daily and adjust statistics according to popularity, and thus profitability to Amazon. When a book sells lots of copies in a short period of time, said book moves quickly up the Amazon rankings. Why, you may ask is this important? Basically, Amazon assumes that popularity is a good way to sift the best books from the chattel and give those books more promotional space on the site, thus increasing sales and profit.[divider]

Buy your copy of Fistful on July 28th!

You guessed it, increased profit to Amazon, in the case of Fistful of Reefer, means increased profit for me and my family as well! It might be a couple years before I can hope to break the top rankings overall, but Amazon breaks things down into genre. If I can reach the top 10 in the smaller genre charts then this could mean hundreds of more sales.

So, if you plan on buying a copy of Fistful, then please do so on July 28th (or quickly thereafter). If all of you buy your $2.99 copy within a 24 to 48 hour period Amazon will see the blip. For once algorithms are my friend!

For those of you without an e-reader or smartphone on which to read Fistful of Reefer, Barnes and Noble has a great e-reader that can be downloaded onto your desktop computer for free. And if you would prefer, just let me know and I can email you a .PDF version. So buy the ebook at Amazon and I’ll make sure you can read it in a way that is best for you. Leave a comment on this blog post or the one I’ll send out next week, and I’ll get right back to you.[divider]

Next week I’ll send out another notice with the specific link to the book on Amazon and a reminder to make the magic mouse click to put Reeferpunk on the map. Between now and then spread the word far and wide (send people a free Smashwords copy in advance even). And of course, enjoy the show!

3 thoughts on “Amazon Reefer Blitz”

  1. Just found out about Fistful of Reefer through a friend on Facebook. Sounds like the right book at the right time. I’d like to review it in my segment ‘Outlandish Reviews’ on the monthly Chronic Rift podcast (p.s. I’m new and don’t have my bio and all that crap on the site yet). I suppose it’d be better if I get it in e-book form, as I’m based in Berlin, Germany and shipping costs from Murka to Yurp are enough to make a grown man cry.

    You game?

    • Sounds good to me! You can actually get the ebook for free from Smashwords right now: in whatever format you want. (Use the summer sale code they list in the right menu bar.) Let me know if that works for you. Go ahead and email me at hachebrown (at) too and I can send you the cover art, etc. Looking forward to it!


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