Evolution of an Indie: Write Novels, Sell Units

Evolution of an IndieEntering my third year as an Indie, it is my responsibility to impart sage wisdom to the world. (Don’t blink, or you might miss it.) See the series introduction post for more on my saga. But for now, lesson #1 for 2012:

Write Novels, Sell Units

You are running a small business. Have a business plan and execute it. I always start with this one. If you want to make money as a writer (*see disclaimer at bottom), you cannot shirk this truth! To an extent your art must become “units” and “product.”

Now, I’m a liberal arts major, like the majority of you flaky writerly types. I don’t have much of a clue on how to create a business plan, other than it involves some sort of plan for doing business. But I do know any legitimate business plan involves “crunching numbers.” So let’s start crunching.

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Evolution of an Indie

Evolution of an Indie

In the lightning fast world of electronic writing and publishing, surviving for a year makes your a veteran. That means I’m ancient, with skills beyond the pale. Thusly, I will now pontificate to all who gather round. (Hey, this is the Green Porch, so take off your shoes and stay a while.)

Eons ago I posted on the definition of an Indie. I won’t rehash that, but suffice to say (I know, snooty, isn’t it?):

  • The definition of indie is fluid
  • Every indie is different
  • Every indie evolves
  • No indie is independent

So what about me? Here is the story of my evolution thus far.

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