Evolution of an Indie

Evolution of an Indie

In the lightning fast world of electronic writing and publishing, surviving for a year makes your a veteran. That means I’m ancient, with skills beyond the pale. Thusly, I will now pontificate to all who gather round. (Hey, this is the Green Porch, so take off your shoes and stay a while.)

Eons ago I posted on the definition of an Indie. I won’t rehash that, but suffice to say (I know, snooty, isn’t it?):

  • The definition of indie is fluid
  • Every indie is different
  • Every indie evolves
  • No indie is independent

So what about me? Here is the story of my evolution thus far.In 2009 I began my pursuit of independent writerdom. In 2010 I quit my day job. In 2011 I published two novels. Now it’s 2012. What have I learned? Buckle up. Scattered over the next few months, I’ll unveil the lessons learned by a writing Redneck Granola as continued installments in the “Evolution of an Indie” series.

But first, a disclaimer. There are 3 brands of Indie:

  1. an artist expressing him/herself for the pure joy of it
  2. an artist or idealist who wishes to express an emotion or idea to the world
  3. an artist/entrepreneur who wishes to make a living as a writer

An indie can be one, two or all three of these. But knowing the composition is critical. I am all three of the above, but first and foremost I have to be #3, or I won’t be able to continue doing #2 and #1 full-time. So as you can see, not all of what spills from the lips of a #3 will apply to someone seeking #1 or #2. (Man, this is sounding scatological, isn’t it?).

Here is the list of eleven lessons for 2012 that this evolving indie will pontificate upon over the following weeks.

  • Write novels. Sell units.
  • Assume you suck, at everything.
  • Compete with schmucks to be a schmuck.
  • Be a student of reality, producer of fiction.
  • Editing means more than you think it means.
  • Partner with people, stupid (but not stupid people).
  • Word is a four letter word.
  • Plan for failure until the planned time for success.
  • Be professional, stupid (but not professionally stupid).
  • If you can write it, sell it. (or, Free is money too!)
  • Don’t expect anyone to touch, sell or promote your unit(s).

All these life lessons, in one place. Stay thirsty, my friends. (Or go get a drink. What does it matter to me?)

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