Gardening Gobbledygook with Farmer Green

american-gothicThere are urban farmers, guerilla gardeners and tree-strip ripping going on like crazy all over the U.S. (or at least mention of it on the blogosphere).  But is all of this edible green mayhem really helping us become more sustainable?

How many gardens out there end up being weed factories full of overripe and splitting produce, sipping on wasted water and allowing moisture to evaporate away into the ether?  In other words, are most of us into gardening more in spirit than in actuality?  And if so, do the spiritual benefits of readjusting our Chi with a spade in our hand really worth the waste of time, energy, soil nutrients and water?

Let’s look at some plus and minuses.

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Cannabis Should be Eaten, not Smoked (Sheesh!)

hempnutcompositionAlthough bland at first glance, hemp’s most important role may very well end up  as a part of our diet.   Hemp is a monster when it comes to proteins and essential fatty acids (EFA’s).  These two things are the reason we should all be growing hemp in our backyard gardens.  (Note to DEA:  I don’t have hemp in my backyard garden.  I don’t even garden, or have a yard.  I promise.)

Many may disagree about whether the earth is in the midst of a food crisis or overall shortage.  If we all played nice, mabye everyone could have enough (fat chance).  We do know that in the U.S. we are losing farms, farmers and farm land.  But, there is much less disagreement that we suffer globally from a food distribution crisis.  Certainly portions of the earth surface lack sufficient food stuffs to feed the people that live there.  And seeing how lack of vital resources like food can cause mayhem and destruction of life that ultimately reaches even us lazy Americans on our couches, we should probably care that others lack food.  Enter hemp, stage right.

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The Guerillas Have Reached SLC (Go SLUGG!)

Earth day is in the air and granolas are coming out from under their winter stupor here in Salt Lake.  This is the day to celebrate temporary amnesia for so many earth activists, so grim so much of the time.  But not today.  At the University of Utah earth lovers, granolas and tree huggers of … Read more The Guerillas Have Reached SLC (Go SLUGG!)