Cowboys and Aliens: Mot Juste!

Cowboys and Aliens movie postermot juste/ˌmō ˈZHYst/ Noun: The exact, appropriate word.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me say how ecstatic I am about the timing of this new weird-Western movie. (Fine, the graphic novel has been around since 2006, but how many of you have heard of it?) But I mean, holy alien prodding! I’ve planned the release of Fistful of Reefer to be July 31st (formerly June 31st) for several months. And now it’s announced that Cowboys and Aliens will be released nationwide on July 28th?

I tell you, it’s exactly appropriate. And for those of us who have always rooted for the Indians we can now root for our future galactic overlords. (I jest! I love the Cowboys *grumble, grumble. Stupid, evil Jerry Jones*) Not only is the timing perfect, but the content is perfect as well.

It’s about time we get to see the original American hero/anti-hero shine his boots with some alien behind. Seriously, even the ancient Egyptians have had their chance. Will Smith can’t get enough. And how many times can we watch the White House or Capitol explode?

Sure, it’s hard to shoot down an alien mothership with an F-16. But try it with a Colt .45 or a Spencer Repeater. And seeing how our nation’s economy will soon revert back to 1860’s standards, it’s fitting the American public get stoked over the idea of riding horses. I love the gritty feeling this movie is promising. Alien movies are usually so… science fiction, so angular, hi-tech. I loved District 9 for its ability to loose these distinctions and allow a movie involving aliens to be so human.

That’s what I’m hoping for here. I want to see some chaw-spitting, jaw-flapping cowboys placed against an earthy low-tech background while kicking some alien butt. Weird West at its best. I want to see flea-bitten, saddle-soap stinking horses flying through mother ship display screens and chomping at alien tentacles (oops, almost auto-corrected to “testicles” there. That would have been interesting). I’m telling you. It’s exactly right.

On the other hand, if this weird Western movie sucks, I take it all back.

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