David Mark Brown 2.0

[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]n case it has been a while since you’ve visited the Green Porch, I thought I would extend a friendly invitation to drop by and check out the renovations. We got us some hot new trusses, trex decking and ceiling fans that don’t squeak (I swear).

I’m still getting all the rocking chairs in a row, so if you spot something off kilter let me know. So many mind-tweaking links, styles, .php, .css, widgets and plugins that I’ve had to double up my on my wine treatments just get my beauty rest. (The wife and the kids are fine! Don’t worry. It wasn’t that bad.)

Here at the Green Porch we’ve been enjoying tinkering with some new features, so when the weather gets too cold to work outdoors grab some BBQ and smear up your keyboard real good while checking them out:[divider]

*rss feeds for you favorite regular features, like Redneck Sustainability

*a new feature highlighting interesting book reviews from around the blogosphere targeting mostly independent and lesser known titles that I guarantee you’ll read without puking. If you want these review updates in your mail box reply to this email to let me know!

*increased bookmarkage for zipping the side-splitting blog posts off to all the friends and family (those that can read and have computers anyway. Sorry, Uncle Cletus.)

*an up and coming theme we’ve been batting around on the porch alot lately — some sort of Green Porch T.V. possible featuring a Dukes’ corner, a Firefly memorial, Simpsons wisdom and random T.V. related vulgaria. More on that later.[divider]

Until then, stay simple, my friends. You’re always welcome at the Green Porch, where rednecks wear green collars.

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