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Happy Birthday to Me

That’s right. December 10th is my birthday, and I remember the day like it was 37 years ago… “Good Lord! Are babies supposed to be furry?”

The Austin Job on AmazonAnywho, I’m celebrating by releasing a new novel, The Austin Job. To commemorate my glorious entrance into this world, I’m offering you the gift of escape from the drudgery of reality into a sensational world of adventure that will surely ruin you for everyday life. It’s the least I can do. So set aside some time to curl up with your smartphone or eReader and cinch your girth, because The Austin Job is a cheek-puckering exploration of a Texas you never knew (see below for more on the book).

But as we all know, I’m a demanding and delicate artist type always insatiably hungry for the approval of others. So in return for all that I give the world (completely superfluous fiction and self-indulgent blog posts) I ask you skip-to-my-lou on over to my Amazon/Kindle page and “tag” me and “like” me. (“Like” me for the love of… It’s my birthday! I don’t need your love, just like me!)

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, here is how it works. First, if you don’t have an Amazon account it’s time for you to get out of your foot-powered Flintstone’s car and join the modern world. So set up an account here. Then go here:

At the top of The Austin Job page is a “like” icon with a thumbs up on it. Click it. Hooray! Now scroll down below the product details and reviews until you see “Tags Customers Associate with this Product.” You will see ten boxes. Click them until each has a check in it. Muchas gracias. (If you haven’t liked and tagged Fistful of Reefer, click here to do that too!)

Now you’ve given me the best birthday gift ever! And to show my gratitude I’ll sweeten the whole affair by temporarily lowering the price of my first eBook, Fistful of Reefer, to only $0.99! So for less than 4 bucks you can get them both and read yourself into some strange 11th dimension of bliss. (You can always gift them to friends and loved ones as well. Click here for directions on how.)[divider]

Description of  The Austin Job:

With the world embroiled in the Great War, power-hungry forces threaten to tear apart the state of Texas in a secret plot to rule the resource that will fuel the future. In The Austin Job, James Starr, bronc rider turned politician, stumbles into a high stakes game of power and lies that he must master before it masters him.

Exploding with double-fisted, cheek-puckering action, including the world’s fist parkour stunt horse, The Austin Job dares you to cinch your ¬†saddle to a bolt of Lone Star lightning and hold on for dear life.

In this second book of his Reeferpunk series, Author David Mark Brown invites the reader into a world illuminated by human torches and moonlight towers, an underground Austin inhabited by machine and monster alike, where what you don’t know can get you killed–or just really, really messed up.

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