Have Reefer Will Travel

Angry American signWelcome to the first Global Reeferpunk blog post (literally, not in a “cosmic” sort of way). I’ve learned a few interesting things, commentary on American society if you will, since embarking on my treacherous Reeferpunk journey. It turns out that creating Mexican good guys who grow marijuana and get chased by a Texas Ranger bad guy who smokes marijuana sort of pisses people off in the United States.

Who knew, right? I’m as shocked as you. Equally surprising, Europeans feel completely differently about Mexicans, marijuana and Texas Rangers. Down right freaky. To top it all off, it appears that some literary snobs (who live with their noses in books so much they actually blow boogers composed of classic literature) have decided that the Western genre is as dead as bipartisanship in American politics. But, Europeans seem to enjoy the stuff.

By biting my thumb at government regulation and programs, corporate greed and corruption, the famed war on drugs, emigration and race policy, and by harming dozens of goats during the production of the novel, and including a couple of chase scenes without proper airbags or restraints, I’ve honked off just about every section of North American society.

But, it turns out that our brothers and sisters across the pond love border violence toward toking goats driving unsafe autos. Throw in the frequent reference to good beer and wine along with some crazy Western ineptitude, and Europeans seem to get gassed by it all. I’ve talked to Germans, Brits and even Aussies who find it brilliantly refreshing.

So, while I’ve honked off major swaths of North American readers with my cavalier attitude (isn’t that the sort of thing that makes me an American in the first place?), I’ve endeared myself to a larger global audience. Yippie-ki-yay! Take that, Hillary Clinton!

BUT, as the sell-out, needing-to-make-money-hack that I am, let me introduce the Lost DMB Files!

I’ve decided to swap the label ‘Reeferpunk’ for ‘Lost DMB Files’ in an effort to rebrand my funky fiction as historical artifacts within a second series written in the near future of the same alternate history timeline.

To end your time here at The Green Porch today why not take a little whirl-wind tour around the Globe and check out my overseas Reeferpunk Lost DMB Files supporters who are hosting my guest posts during this Fistful of Reefer launch week:

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And just to even it out, here is a friend up around the Flathead of Montana hosting a bit I did up on decision and calling.

I’d be amiss to not tell you about the hoot-nanny going on at The Next Town Over, a web comic written and illustrated by the gal who did my artwork for Fistful of reefer.  Definitely check that out as well.

4 thoughts on “Have Reefer Will Travel”

  1. Anna, I wouldn’t have expected it to offend you, considering all the offenses you’ve grown accustomed to over the years (mostly from me). Preposterous is something I can really endorse. Great one word description for my writing! And thanks for the comment, again.

  2. It always beats me when ‘critics’ say the western is dead, despite its ongoing and current popularity in cinema, TV, video games and graphic novels.

    When the movie of ‘Reefer’ comes out, I want to see Danny Trejo in a leading part, OK? 😉


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