More Bionic Horses

Malcolm Reynolds from FireflyAt times like these civilized society needs more celebrities and swindlers like it needs a pudding can without a pull tab. They promise you sweet chocolaty goodness, but then stiff you when the cows come home.

In past posts I’ve written about the sustainable ethics of such outlaw heros as Bo and Luke Duke and Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. And it still stands true, what we need today are outlaws with a heart of gold — bad guys who make us want to be good. But where have they gone? (click here to jump ahead to the punchline.)

In a day and age too glib for good guys to survive and too corrupt for the general populous to continue its complacency, we need these law-flauting, damsel-rescuing, firebrands more than ever, and yet… where can we turn?

Current events are seeping with potential:

~ an informant who feeds the greedy erroneous insider trading information.

~ a day trader who robs the rich and gives to the homeless.

~ a governor who pilfers the coffers in order to create underground, hemp textile factories employed by drug offenders with reduced sentences…

The options are endless, and here at the Green Porch we’re keeping ’em all open in order to fabricate fantastical outlaw heros via soon to be cult classic novels such as Fistful of Reefer, and the soon to be released, The Austin Job. This Winter you’ll get to meet Reeferpunk‘s latest Outlaw Hero–a renegade Texas Senator by the name of Starr. James Starr.

While there’s a good woman behind every good man, there’s a good horse behind every good hero. Starr is no exception. In the Austin Job, you’ll get to know, Senor Willy Widget, as the world’s first parkour-capable gelding.

But there are others out there spinning worthy tales of outlaws and their horses. One of them is Erin Mehlos, the artistic genius behind the cover design for The Austin Job (and Fistful of Reefer). And while armored streetcars beneath the city of Austin is pretty cool, bionic horses are a trifle cooler. And in Erin’s web comic, The Next Town Over, you’ll discover much more than the world’s first bionic horse. (No fooling.)[divider]

So in a world of Britney Spears and Reggie Bush-like role models, wouldn’t you agree its time for the resurrection of outlaw heros such as Ms. Black (Next Town Over) and James Starr? Viva this!


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