Orangeberry Virtual Book Tour, Defined

It’s August, and I’m virtually (almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition) starting a virtual (not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so) book tour.

Orangeberry Summer Splash

The Orangeberry Summer Splash! 100 authors waxing elegant and cracking snide all over your local internet. Giveaways, prizes, virtual hotdogs and a watermelon seed spitting contest. (Don’t even try to beat me. I’ve got an intellectual patent on my spitting technique, the tongue cannon.)

What’s a Virtual Book Tour?

But semi-seriously, part of the fun of this brave new world we live in are the ample opportunities to discover new books and new voices who were barred from public platform only a few short years ago. The virtual book tour acts as a surrogate promoter for books lost in the digital woods. In this case 100 authors have rallied to the teat of Orangeberry for a month of nourishing via the mother’s milk of book bloggers all around the world. (Yes, this is as serious as I get.)

This is How it Can Work

If you enjoy virtually meeting actual authors while on virtual tour give the Splash a go. Head on over to the website and check out the five pages worth of books being promoted (mine is on page 5). (*Don’t get confused by all the glitzy banners and sidebars on the site, just keep scrolling down until you see the books in the middle column.)

Virtual bookmark the books you find interesting and virtually follow them on virtual tour in order to win free copies, enjoy author interviews, etc. If you find something you believe to be genuinely valuable all we authors can ask for is maybe a download, a tweet and/or a like.

We all know that valuable ideas (that includes stories) will always spread via word of mouth. And that is what any sort of book tour is about. Read. Enjoy. Curate. You have the power!

Now it’s My Turn to Curate

I’m not familiar with most of the titles on the Summer Splash tour (I’m too lazy and illiterate to read all the books). But here are the ones I recommend:

ConvictedEnemy in Blue

Fat Body GuardsMagnus OpumPaths to DivinityTwitch and Die!

So take a whirl with the Summer Splash virtual tour. Get to know some of the storytelling voices of today and tomorrow. Who knows? You might not even regret it.

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    • Hey Joseph. I am still waiting at the moment for the last of my titles to be updated with a lower price. It is taking a few days. And they lost two of the covers… anywho. I’m trying to figure out how to make more of the OB splash.


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