Paraplegic Zombie Slayer Intro. & Index

Paraplegic Zombie SlayerA neurotoxin transforms the Texas panhandle into a forbidden dust zone where Georgy Founder struggles to keep his three young sons alive and together as a family. It turns out that post-apocalyptic 1928 Texas ain’t very handicap accessible, and while zombie-slaying is fulfilling, wheelchair lifts are pretty damn slow.

First, an introduction.

Hidely-ho, reader. I’m the writer best known as David Mark Brown and the infamous RedneckGranola. You may know me from such websites as or www.onetruepants. But currently you have stumbled upon my greatest achievement.

Reeferpunk is my self-created genre description (a sort of weird-Western, alternate history, 1920′s, humorous adventure thriller thing). Go here for more on that. These short stories take place in the same alternative history as the novels and sometimes involve major and/or minor characters. They are supplementary (but not necessary) to reading the novels and vice versa.

Join the Revolution!

No longer do good stories have to comply to the button-down world of publishing! You won’t find these bad boys behaving themselves under YA Paranormal or Mystery/Thrillers. Reeferpunk stories are written to blast apart retrictive confines of convention while still adhering to the classic elements of story-telling, the tried and true practices that carry us to the edge of of our seats, make us laugh and make us cry. I’m particularly fond of the characters that you will get to know and love over the next decade’s worth* of Reeferpunk.

*The first book will be cataclysmically good. The next three will be somehow even better. I’ll grow fat on my wealth of penny rolls (I like my money in shiny form) leading to a blase fifth book, then rebound for the sixth, seventh and eighth. The ninth will be a terrible attempt to take the characters into space on a diesel-powered locomotive (only read it if intoxicated). And blah, blah, blah.

Reading Paraplegic Zombie Slayer

Zombie Slayer is a wonderful slasher tale woven together with a heart-warming story of a father desperate to redeem himself in the face of his three young sons. With all sorts of ghosts haunting him, Georgy Founder struggles against his own broken body and a forbidding dust zone inflicted with quicksilver fire storms and blood thirsty twitchers while wanting more than anything to be a good papa. It’s Little House on the Prairie soaked in zombie gore. Bon appétit!

Zombie Slayer is divided into eighteen scenes which tell the tale of the Founder family’s awakening into their destined role as champions of the Dust Zone. Don’t we all need something more to live for than our own survival? While I’m not advocating violence against zombies, reading about it can be a hoot!

Follow these links for more on ReeferPunk or Fistful of Reeferthe first novel in the series. And enjoy the show!


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