GreenPorch Winter of eReading

The Porch’s Winter of Reading (e-style)

GreenPorch Winter of eReadingThe buzz acronym for your winter will be GPWeR — the GreenPorch’s Winter of eReading. (Trendy insiders pronounce it /Jeep’ – wer/). All winter the GreenPorch will be filling you in and keeping you up to speed with everything eReading/eReader.

Blog posts will include such informative gems as: “What’s a Kobo?”, “5 reasons I don’t suck like other Indie Authors” and “Top redneck eReads.” You’ll find out what happens when you kindle a nook of your pad. And of course there will be plenty of GreenPorch style tell-all industry secrets (stuff I make up and spread as truth).

But seriously. For those of us still wondering what happened to the email in our Juno accounts and trying to figure out what a junk filter is and how to attach one, the ebook revolution can seem scary. And by scary I mean stupid. And by stupid I mean some passing fancy that will die along with box stores and fast food.

That’s right people. eBooks aren’t going away. You don’t have to read them, but we all know that when a tree falls in the forest it crushes cute little squirrels whether you witness it or not. And unless you have something against cute little squirrels, the time has come to get informed about the electronic book revolution. It’s never been easier. Twice a week for the next several weeks the RedneckGranola will be enlightening you from here at the Porch.

I’ll share where to find the best free eBooks, how to figure out which free eBooks are free because a meth-adicted hamster wrote them using a pen name and which ones will provide you with a week’s worth of content evenings. Wondering if you can read a Kindle book on your smartphone with your Kobo reader? Wonder no longer (the answer is yes, but I’ll get into that in a future post).[divider]

Since I don’t want to leave you empty handed for this post, I’ll offer up a great little Goodreads Listopia for finding the perfect Steampunk eRead for your holidays:

You might notice a certain “Fistful of Reefer” book on the list. I’ve heard it’s actually quite entertaining. (Don’t worry, if the above paragraph makes no sense I’ll soon explain what a Goodreads Listopia List is.)

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