Pubit! Finally Replaced by Nook Press

screen shot of Nook PressBarnes and Noble has finally replaced their modest (I’m being kind) self-publishing platform with an all new and better titled one. Thus Nook Press enters the world about one year too late.

Congratulations, B&N. You have finally produced a practical and functional pubbing platform. Don’t pop the cork. I still like Kobo’s Writing Life and Amazon’s KDP better. But at least you’re in the same ballpark…finally.

I attempted to update a price on one of my titles today using Nook Press, and it actually seemed to work. That’s an improvement from the last couple of times I tried and failed with Pubit! (And now the name of your platform doesn’t sound like a frog vocalization!)

The ability to download an epub is a bonus for sure. And the improved sales tracking brings Nook Press in line with Author Central (I’ve never liked that Author Central and KDP are separate) and Writing Life.

I have to admit I’m still disappointed with the royalties from Nook Press. After falling in love with Kobo’s decision to  extend the lower limit of their 70% royalty rate to the $1.99 price point, I had hoped that others (like B&N) would follow suit. It appears they won’t. When selling shorts or serial episodes, the $1.99 price is just right. The extra royalties are even better.

Meanwhile, Nook Press is still offering 65% for everything $2.99 and above. Excuse me while I refuse to kiss the sky.

The email I received from B&N stated that Nook Press will be an editor, and collaborative platform. I didn’t see any evidence while checking it out today. I didn’t look too long, and honestly I don’t much care. Unless I could convince my editors and BETA readers to use the platform, the feature wouldn’t do me any good. The email also stated they have implemented an instant chat for customer service. I didn’t try it out. But if it works, that would be impressive.

Bottom line.

Unless B&N can figure out how to sell more ebooks to more customers, I’m not interested. I can’t help thinking Nook Press is too little too late. Bummer.

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