Reefer Ranger by David Mark Brown

Reefer Ranger Rides the Range

Reefer Ranger, a prequella by David Mark BrownThe coffee shop I’m patronizing at the moment, Liaisons (in Hamilton, MT), has a T-shirt slogan that boasts, “Good morning, sinners!” I think this is a swell way to greet the world every day (I know more keenly than anyone about my sinnerly status), and it is sorta’ the way I view my writing career (I use the word “career” loosely).

I write for a certain tongue in cheek audience who not only likes a good story but enjoys poking fun. (People like you.) My first Reeferpunk short, “Reefer Ranger,” does just that. You might ask, “Why on earth, for the love of Texas history, would you choose an anti-hero Texas Ranger with a twisted connection to wacky tobaccy for your first story? I don’t know. Maybe the same part of me that would love to see Ron Paul and Donald Trump in a presidential debate thinks that weed and Texas Rangers make a good combination.

Anywho, Reefer Ranger is where it all begins, and you each have a front row seat. This short “prequella” is divided into thirteen wonderful scenes revolving around the traumatic events of a 48 hour period in John Tilly McCutchen’s life that send him on a zealous crusade that defines him for the rest of his days. A bit on the dark side, Reefer Ranger is all about gritty action from beginning to end. And trust me, you’ll want to know what makes this Texas Ranger tick.

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Enjoy the show!

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