Reeferpunk: Viva This!

It’s always difficult to describe a life-altering moment before it happens. This is one of those, for you. I know the phrase “life-altering” gets tossed around these days by so many Benny Hinn impersonators and beer commercials that it’s hard to believe I still have toenail fungus and less than perfect, sun-kissed abs (I mean, you would think a cube of Miller Light a day would do it). But I use the phrase justly.

[dropcap2]Y[/dropcap2]ou may not yet know what Reeferpunk is. For most of you, I’m certain that on the surface you don’t want to. Reefer and Punk? Didn’t we grow out of the former in the seventies and the latter in the eighties? (I was only 5 the day the seventies died, December 31st, 1979. So I missed the first round.) This may be so, but you put the two things together and they transcend their former realities. Like peanut butter and jelly or wine and popcorn.

Reeferpunk (always interject a “Viva this!” after “Reeferpunk”) delivers a surge equivalent to a cocktail of 1 part serotonin, 2 parts adrenaline, with a dash of grenadine served over ice. It scratches the urge primeval. Combining the readability and smooth consumption of a beach house page-turner with the kick to the face of a summer blockbuster movie, Reeferpunk entertains without dumbing down. Whether you have the attention span of a college student the day before spring break or of a moss-covered rock, Reeferpunk is your punk.

Reeferpunk is a label for the fiction of David Mark Brown written about an alternate timeline similar but different from our own. The point of divergence occurs in the first decade of the twentieth century as the West is won and Mexico prepares for revolution. What occurs over the next 4 decades turns out to be mind-bending, provocative and entertaining. But trust me, in a world were Texas secedes and the Roaring Twenties never happen, nothing is off limits.

At you’ll discover a different serial short released every month between now and July, when the first novel will be available to the public. I’m calling the shorts “prequellas,” because they are the mutant progeny of prequels and novellas. Some tell the backstory to key characters within the reeferpunk world that you will come to know and love. Others set the broader stage of the alternate timeline of Reeferpunk’s world. But they are all good reading.

Available now is the prequella about Texas Ranger J.T. McCutchen (my anti-hero, bad guy). He didn’t heed the Mexican revolution until it spilled across his border. Soon every revolutionary’ll know, you’ve got to kill the man before you fight the power.

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Together we’ll make Reeferpunk the best punk there is. (Even better than Punky Brewster.) Viva This!

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