Schism 8, Ep 1: The Green Ones

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In this episode, I read the opening scene of the first episode of The Green Ones. Buckle your belts, ladies and gents.

For the telekinetic youth of New Teotihuacan’s Worker City there are two choices: an enslaved life or a free death. By sixteen, everyone must choose.

On an earth rampant with telekinesis, Calli Bluehair’s only hope of escaping a violent death in the self indulgent underground of New Teotihuacan’s Worker City is the government run Masa academy. Choosing to ignore the rumors that the Academy is an option worse than death, Calli determines to claw her and her little brother’s way onto the registry, no matter the personal cost.

Brown’s page-turning, dystopian adventure revolves around a heroine who picks up where the Hunger Game’s Katniss leaves off. His vivid rendering of telekinesis births a complex, mysterious and provocative world that reveals itself to the reader in a kaleidoscope of detail the longer one chooses to stare through his fractured lens.

The rest of Episode 1 still to come via podcast. Or you can download Episode 1 for FREE using the button below (includes PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats).

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