Seven Poets: Storytelling Evolved

For those interested in the evolution of story-telling (stuff like crossplatform or transmedia) or those of us who love a good story no matter what form it takes, here is a project you won’t want to miss.

Seven Poets and the Assassin’s Secret will be the first in the Seven Poets series. The promise of this project (in my humble opinion) lies in its hybridization of tried and true aspects of story-telling (characters, arc, and the written word) with the enhanced water-cooler-moment potential of both television and realtime drama AND the interaction of a cutting-edge mobile application.

Anywho, watch this video for more directly from the creators. If you notice any similarities in the striking good looks of the video host, Matthew Brown, and myself… yes, we are related. What can I say, brilliance runs in the family.

The Kickstarter page for this project has some great low and mid-level buy-ins to help ensure the best final product. Give it a look:

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