FreedomPop, Latest Tool of NSA

FreedomPop-RevolutionCall me a whistle blower if you must, but it’s time the truth come out.

Uncle Sam has teamed up with “power-to-the-people” internet service provider FreedomPop in its latest endeavors to infringe upon our ever dwindling privacy. When you think about it, it’s the perfect scheme. The only problems? First, the plan was executed with typical government efficiency. Second, they messed with me.

As we all know, my mental prowess is a few stories taller than the average American bungalow (just significant enough that a jump will break your ankles but not kill you.)

This is how it all went down.

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Sanctity of Zombie Life

Caution sign for zombiesThe time has come to announce the announcement of pulling back the curtain on my next novel. Why is this important? you may ask. (Thanks for the vote of confidence.) I’ll tell you, my loyal readers.

If you value the sanctity of life, both that of humans and savage zombie-like post-humans, then my next novel is essential for both your entertainment and education. Currently, I am in process of writing (take a deep breath) the seminal piece of literature addressing the rights of zombie-esque beings.

I hesitate to attempt to express how important the publishing of this novel will prove to be for current and future generations for a few reasons:

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Googling onto the FBI Watch List

FBIAs a writer I’m on-line more than I’m asleep. Heck, sometimes I use the internet while I’m asleep. My internet time is like dust particles in the air I breath. Without it there wouldn’t be any creative mucous buildup, and therefore nothing spectacular to blow out on the page.

I can’t imagine turning back the clock to a time where I’d have to travel far and wide, accessing specialized libraries, to find the minutia I need to make my fictional worlds pop with that certain air of better-than-real-reality. And I’m immensely grateful for the wonder of the world wide web.

But there is a dark side to being a Google-dependent writer. Namely, the FBI watch list.

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