Introducing Twitch and Die!

The Company mining town of Thurber, Texas has fallen off the map. Some want to keep it that way. Others seek the truth. But its plague-infected residents have a mind of their own. Death will find you. Unless you find it first. “Forget emergency landing procedures. When reading Twitch and Die! all one can do … Read more Introducing Twitch and Die!

Sanctity of Zombie Life

Caution sign for zombiesThe time has come to announce the announcement of pulling back the curtain on my next novel. Why is this important? you may ask. (Thanks for the vote of confidence.) I’ll tell you, my loyal readers.

If you value the sanctity of life, both that of humans and savage zombie-like post-humans, then my next novel is essential for both your entertainment and education. Currently, I am in process of writing (take a deep breath) the seminal piece of literature addressing the rights of zombie-esque beings.

I hesitate to attempt to express how important the publishing of this novel will prove to be for current and future generations for a few reasons:

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Company Town: Two Faces of Thurber, TX

Thurber Texas Coal MiningBy 1915 Thurber, TX existed as the largest producer of coal in Texas. It supplied a dozen railways with coal, paved much of the state with brick, and was the largest city along Interstate 20 between Ft. Worth and El Paso. And every bit of the town (from scratching post to hitching post, from pew to crapper) was company owned by Texas and Pacific Coal Company.

Yet by the 1930’s Thurber was gone, and its success began to unravel during the winter of 1921-22. At their peak, company towns across the nation hosted 3% of the population. But were these towns a blight? or progressive beacons? Was Thurber a bastion of enlightened industrialist Paternalism or a cesspool of oppressive and monopolizing Capitalism?

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