This Texas Ranger Ain’t no Chuck Norris

Walker, Texas Ranger (Chuck Norris=good)

(Warning: viewpoints in the blogpost may be controversial.) I know, I know. Making a statement like this is like Marge Simpson telling Homer that the despicable action he has just undertaken is the worse thing he has ever done. Homer’s classic response is, “You say that so much it has lost all meaning.” But just because I say stupid stuff all the time doesn’t make what I am about to say any less stupid.

The main antagonist (bad guy) for the novel I will be releasing this summer (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise) is a Texas Ranger. I know! Even after they just lost the World Series. And the hit series (it was a hit in Texas, anyway) Walker, Texas Ranger has only been off the air since 2001 (can you believe it’s been almost 10 years?). Why, dear reader, would I do such a jackassery-like thing?

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