Read Deeply or Suck Mightily

A Young Girl ReadingAll exaggeration intended, but scientific and unscientific studies alike are coming up with the same conclusion: People who read deeply are pretty much better people in every way.

A recent post over at TIME emphatically states that deep reading creates more real life empathy (the opposite of jerkathy). Over at Elite Daily they have this to say in regards to studies done by leading sciencticians:

[People who read deeply] can entertain other ideas, without rejecting them and still retain their own. While this is supposed to be an innate trait in all humans, it requires varying levels of social experiences to bring into fruition and probably the reason your last partner was such a narcissist.

In case you are still hemming over the definition of deep reading, let me clear things up for you. (Let me reassure you, yes, you suck.)

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Why do You Read a Book? Will Bublish Help?

bublish logoPaper or digital? The question has become the new “You want fries with that?”

Banking, catalogs, virus and spam are all moving increasingly into the digital realm. Of course books are too. But whether you read paperbacks or eBooks, one important question remains the same. What makes you read the books you read?

For a tricky follow-up question the Green Porch would like to ask if the answer to the first question remains the same whether you prefer paper books or electronic ones.

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Creep Me Not: Reader/Writer Relationship

creeper from Scoobie DooYou might not have noticed, but the world is shrinking. Along with it, the gap between the almighty, worshipped writer and his/her adoring fans. (Or in my case, the fictional minions in my mind. Quiet, you! I’m writing.)

All joking aside, this is a serious issue on par with intermittent high-speed internet and trichinosis (whatever that is). With big publishers fading and book stores going belly up, more writers are pushing their wares directly to readers and more readers are getting their proverbial milk from the literary teat.

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