Water is not just for wasting

Water: Not Just for Wasting

Water is not just for wasting
Water is not just for wasting

Now that the season for wasting water has passed here in Texas, it’s time to consider drinking it. Crazy, I know. I too used to poo-poo, or pee-pee (as it were) water drinkage. H20 comes in handy for brushing the old teeth every couple of days or so, but drinking? Isn’t there enough water in sweet tea?

Heck, I drink wine practically every night, and that’s brimming with water.¬†That’s what I used to think, until I mentioned my aching and tight muscles to our midwife on a lark. (Midwifery, is there anything they don’t know?) She asked me how much water I drank in a day. “In a day?” was my response. Then I sputtered,¬†“Sometimes I drink the water I brush my teeth with.”

After crossing herself and muttering something about her amazement that I wasn’t crustier looking than I am, she suggested that I drink “at least… more.” Well O.K., I thought. Practical goals, I can do this.

So I set out three months ago on an endeavor to drink more water than none, on a daily basis. After checking in again to make sure that tea didn’t count, I started charting my progress. And I have to admit, I’ve been doing awesome. Even more incredible, drinking water works. It’s like some sort of miracle cure.

I’m up to ten cups a day and its helped with everything from my dry scalp to my muscle spasms to my headaches to my aching depression (just kidding, I still drink wine for that.)(No, seriously. I’m just joking around. I only drink wine for its sophisticated palate.)

So, this spring and summer don’t just conserve water by xeriscaping and using drip irrigation (rather than turning your hose on and moving it around your Kentucky Bluegrass lawn for 12 hours every day), but drink water too! If you find it just too difficult to swallow, like I once did, then remember that broth works as well. So a big bowl of Pho is just as good.

H20, it ain’t just for brushing teeth anymore!

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