Water: Not Just for Wasting

Water is not just for wasting
Water is not just for wasting
Water is not just for wasting

Now that the season for wasting water has passed here in Texas, it’s time to consider drinking it. Crazy, I know. I too used to poo-poo, or pee-pee (as it were) water drinkage. H20 comes in handy for brushing the old teeth every couple of days or so, but drinking? Isn’t there enough water in sweet tea?

Heck, I drink wine practically every night, and that’s brimming with water.¬†That’s what I used to think, until I mentioned my aching and tight muscles to our midwife on a lark. (Midwifery, is there anything they don’t know?) She asked me how much water I drank in a day. “In a day?” was my response. Then I sputtered,¬†

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Redneck Sustainability: Ferment for Health

Bolt bottle opener

[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]nventiveness comes in two flavors: the evil genius sort and the practical necessity sort. I personally am a fan of evil genius, but like horseradish, a little goes a long way. The bricks between the mortar of everyday life must be built with practical necessity genius, or else everything sorta’ smushes together.

This is where The Green Porch takes a moment to highlight another redneck example of said practical genius, the bolt and board bottle opener. It is noteworthy, observant reader, that many occurrences of redneck genius involve beer, but not such a stretch to understand beer as a necessary precursor to continued and broader genius. Thus the correlation should shock only the most sheltered prohibitionist.

Perhaps this is the best moment to alert the un-lubricated public of the significance fermentation has played in human discovery. A big one.

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