Lost DMB Files Now Streaming

My Substack Adventure with The Green Ones has gone pretty well over the last few months, so I’m launching a new streaming Substack for the Lost DMB Files! (Actually, I’ve already launched it.) If you are a fan of my pulpy western stories, then hold onto your saddle horn. I’m gonna stream their entirety, a … Read more Lost DMB Files Now Streaming

DMB Universe, Streaming Again

I’ve been a bit busy attempting to change the world over the last 4-5 years. As a result, the world appears to have spun off its axis, so… I’m gonna take it easy on all that larger-scale altruism stuff and focus back on telling fun stories about complex characters who fumble their way through life … Read more DMB Universe, Streaming Again

Industry Prediction for 2016: Collaboration

I’m about three months late on this year’s state of the digital publishing industry address. [shrugs] But I’m still early for last year’s taxes. First, let us reflect on last year’s post, Ebook Subscription Services are Doomed. Remember Oyster? The Netflix of books? Okay, enough reflecting on the past. Suffice to say I’m freakin clairvoyant. I’m Deanna … Read more Industry Prediction for 2016: Collaboration