Lost DMB Files Now Streaming

My Substack Adventure with The Green Ones has gone pretty well over the last few months, so I’m launching a new streaming Substack for the Lost DMB Files! (Actually, I’ve already launched it.) If you are a fan of my pulpy western stories, then hold onto your saddle horn. I’m gonna stream their entirety, a … Read more Lost DMB Files Now Streaming

Fistful of Reefer Trailer

One part serotonin, two parts adrenaline with a dash of grenadine served over ice, Fistful of Reefer is a double-fisted, dieselpunk weird-Western residing between No Country for Old Men and The Three Amigos.

Sergio Leone would have killed to film Fistful of Reefer. Harry Turtledove would admire the way history has been skewed. Others will love the notion of the Lost DMB Files. The estimable Mr. Brown has really latched onto something here.”
~ Mike Resnick

Lost DMB Files, Amazon Blitz

Ah, nothing smells like an Amazon Blitz in the morning… or afternoon… or evening. The time has come once again for the rowdy fans of the Green Porch (and yours truly) to rattle some digital cages over at the Kindle store. If you’ve been patiently awaiting your chance to sink your teeth into the latest … Read more Lost DMB Files, Amazon Blitz