DMB Universe, Streaming Again

I’ve been a bit busy attempting to change the world over the last 4-5 years. As a result, the world appears to have spun off its axis, so… I’m gonna take it easy on all that larger-scale altruism stuff and focus back on telling fun stories about complex characters who fumble their way through life while trying to change the world (for good and for evil). Hey, you write what you know, right?

All of this means that the several hundred thousand words of content I’ve haltingly written over the last several years and failed to publish (along with the few hundred thousand words I did manage to publish over 5 years ago) will be finding their way into the public consciousness over the coming weeks and months. (Hey, if you read it, then it’s in the public consciousness.)

That’s right! I’ve started publishing stuff again! I’ve refreshed my old stuff and started writing new stuff. And a great deal of what I’ve written has just been shoved aside while I worked to change the world. Since I can’t simply publish stuff the “normal” way and let it be, I’m streaming everything live via You CAN purchase ebooks and print books of my stuff through and

But if you are up for the ride, you can stream my stuff serially and on a daily basis by signing up here:

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