Reeferpunk, Vol. 1 at Smashwords

smashwords logoMy first ebook of Reeferpunk shorts is available at now! I haven’t exactly put on the big boy pants yet, but I’m out of diapers anyway. (Currently I’m streaking around the office buck naked.)

Smashwords, for those of you unfamiliar with the flying-the-finger-realm of indie writers and readers who think that DRM (Digital Rights Management) is akin to a crack team of 300 lb. smoke jumpers stationed in the Antarctic to make sure the ice doesn’t melt, let me introduce you to Smashwords.

The whole gig is a big distribution service for publishing stuff in every format imaginable with absolutely no DRM. Needless to say, the more “reputable types” (ie. wealthy writers) tend to never darken the site’s 0’s and 1’s. But for people like me, its a great place to get started in publishing and to begin distributing those published works.

Today you could sail on over to my “published works” page and download Reeferpunk, Vol. 1 (my first collection of short stories) in just about any format you can think of. Then it’s up to you to not pirate the hell out of my invaluable genius (making yourself millions in the process). Within the next couple of weeks Smashwords will vet my formatting and start distributing the collection to places like iBooks and Sony (taking care of all the small fries so I don’t have to).

While that is taking place I’ll head over to the Kindle store and Barnes and Noble myself and publish the same volume. And that is pretty much how it works. For now, you can head to Smashwords and bask in my published glory.[divider]

All I have to do now is sit back and let the greenbacks roll in. (I’ve already made over a buck in royalties!) I’ll be buying my wine in bottles in no time.

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