Help Make Reefer Free on Amazon

Fans of Fistful of Reefer (the cult classic novel, not the herb), to arms! The need has arisen to take action. You might have known that Amazon/Kindle has an extensive listing of free novels. What you might not have known (of course you didn’t. Only a nerd would have any reason to) is that gaining … Read more Help Make Reefer Free on Amazon

Adopt an Indie?

What is more American than to be independent? (Honestly I don’t even believe in being independent in most areas of life, with the notable exceptions of continence and sin.) But when it comes to my professional writing career I couldn’t be more dependently independent.

The month of November, this 2011, shall forever be remembered as “Adopt an Indie” month. What exactly does that mean, you may ask. Well, you see, independents like me aren’t really so independent.

We rely on an army of followers for one. Plus, we depend on creative consultants, technical experts, retentive editors, supportive family and friends, etc.

The Trending of Micro-Niche Novels

The Indie ebook novelist lives in a world of tags, LCD’s, SEO, design, tweets, content marketing, pajamas, likes, coffee shops, fans, (sometimes dirty diapers) and usually hard liquor. Along with all these wonderful things I’ve also learned to release my dreams of New York Times best seller, and instead embrace the new goal of Amazon/Kindle ebooks/Science Fiction/Adventure top-100-list best seller.

Welcome to the rise of the micro-niche novel. As a reader of fiction I’m ecstatic about this revolution, which essentially guarantees me a supply of quality fiction specifically written to my tastes. As a writer I’ve been untethered from the wants and demands of the big six publishers and the agents who feed their fix.

With the redonculous power Amazon/Kindle exerts over the ebook industry, they have become the new benchmark of success.

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