Help Make Reefer Free on Amazon

Fans of Fistful of Reefer (the cult classic novel, not the herb), to arms! The need has arisen to take action.

You might have known that Amazon/Kindle has an extensive listing of free novels. What you might not have known (of course you didn’t. Only a nerd would have any reason to) is that gaining admittance to this list is reserved for Amazon’s whim. An author cannot simply choose to list their book on Amazon/Kindle for free. Amazon must choose it to be thus (by the waving of its kill-bot arm!).

Thus I am asking you to help me gain the attention of Amazon’s roving mechanical eye in making Fistful of Reefer absolutely FREE! Two questions may arise for you at this point. I will address them each in turn:

1.) Why, on God’s green earth, would you want to do this!

2.) How can I help!

First. Amazon’s list of free books is substantially shorter than its list of paid ones. Thus it is much easier to rank in the top 100 of free books. Ranking in the top 100 will gain me hundreds (if not thousands) of extra “sales.” Despite these “sales” lacking actual financial profit for me, they will gain me considerable traction with readers thus driving up sales of my next novel (The Austin Job) as it is released around Christmas.

screen shot of amazonSecond. Take this link to where I have Fistful of Reefer listed for free on iBooks: Go to my Amazon book page for Fistful: Click on the blue lettering “tell us about a lower price” (as seen in picture). Paste the smashwords link onto this short form, enter “0.0” as the price and submit the form. All done!

Word on the street is that if Amazon receives enough of these alerts of a free listing elsewhere that they will lower the price on Amazon to match. Here is to hoping! Thanks for your continued support![divider]

The second Reeferpunk novel, The Austin Job, is coming along nicely and will be available around Christmas. More information coming shortly. Enjoy the show!

2 thoughts on “Help Make Reefer Free on Amazon”

    • Thanks for the insight, David. I’m hoping that Fistful will end up going free at the same time the next book releases (around Christmas). I had heard it can take a while, so I thought I would start now! Who knows. Someone told me yesterday that they don’t pay attention to smashwords links anymore.


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