Reefer Ranger Rides the Range

Reefer Ranger by David Mark Brown

Reefer Ranger, a prequella by David Mark BrownThe coffee shop I’m patronizing at the moment, Liaisons (in Hamilton, MT), has a T-shirt slogan that boasts, “Good morning, sinners!” I think this is a swell way to greet the world every day (I know more keenly than anyone about my sinnerly status), and it is sorta’ the way I view my writing career (I use the word “career” loosely).

I write for a certain tongue in cheek audience who not only likes a good story but enjoys poking fun. (People like you.) My first Reeferpunk short, “Reefer Ranger,” does just that. You might ask, “Why on earth, for the love of Texas history, would you choose an anti-hero Texas Ranger with a twisted connection to wacky tobaccy for your first story? I don’t know. Maybe the same part of me that would love to see Ron Paul and Donald Trump in a presidential debate thinks that weed and Texas Rangers make a good combination.

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Get Dieselpunk(ed)!

Diesel Forces by Stefan Prohaczka

The wikipedia gods have, up to this point, deemed that dieselpunk exists only as a figment of the imagination of a growing subculture of science fiction, history, noir and golden age of comics nerds. Bummer for me, seeing how the series of novels I’m working on is closely associated with this imaginary movement.

[dropcap2]B[/dropcap2]ut, in remaining true to punk form, I’m sticking it to the wikipedia man (who oddly started as a subversive sort of fellow years ago) by posting a link to the buried wiki along with some other great resources for getting dieselpunk(ed).

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Reeferpunk: Viva This!

It’s always difficult to describe a life-altering moment before it happens. This is one of those, for you. I know the phrase “life-altering” gets tossed around these days by so many Benny Hinn impersonators and beer commercials that it’s hard to believe I still have toenail fungus and less than perfect, sun-kissed abs (I mean, you would think a cube of Miller Light a day would do it). But I use the phrase justly.

[dropcap2]Y[/dropcap2]ou may not yet know what Reeferpunk is. For most of you, I’m certain that on the surface you don’t want to. Reefer and Punk? Didn’t we grow out of the former in the seventies and the latter in the eighties? (I was only 5 the day the seventies died, December 31st, 1979. So I missed the first round.) This may be so, but you put the two things together and they transcend their former realities. Like peanut butter and jelly or wine and popcorn.

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