Lost DMB Files, Amazon Blitz

Ah, nothing smells like an Amazon Blitz in the morning… or afternoon… or evening. The time has come once again for the rowdy fans of the Green Porch (and yours truly) to rattle some digital cages over at the Kindle store. If you’ve been patiently awaiting your chance to sink your teeth into the latest … Read more Lost DMB Files, Amazon Blitz

Meet Jim “Buck” Buckner

Today we here at the Green Porch are honored to have Professor Jim Buckner introducing himself and the work he has been doing to procure and edit the Lost DMB Files. Leading exploratory geologist and adventurer, I’ll let him speak for himself!

Why the Lost DMB Files matter

oil derricks Recently many good meaning folk have asked me why. Why risk my life and my reputation over some dusty old stories? Thanks for asking.

March 13th, 2000 my father led the last previously known expedition into the heart of the Arabian Oil Zone (AOZ). Two weeks later I emerged as the only survivor. I was twelve. Something happened to me in the desert, something I still don’t totally understand. Upon my daughter’s diagnosis with de novo syndrome, a hereditary disorder, I made it my life’s goal to uncover the mysteries of my lost past.

Who or what resides within the AOZ? Is the twitch retrovirus directly linked to the drilling and/or refining of petroleum? Or is it connected with some secondary or tertiary factor? Is de novo syndrome a natural evolution of the twitch, or a genetic manipulation made by human hands? Soon after accepting a teaching and research position at the University of Texicas, my quest took a surprising twist.

I received a copy of The Austin Job on the same day my daughter was kidnapped. But I’ll spare you the details of that story here, one you can read about in my book, De Novo Syndrome. For now, it will suffice to say I discovered a personal usefulness within the Lost DMB Files to help me along my life long quest.

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Evolution of an Indie: Delay Success

Evolution of an IndieEntering my third year as an indie, it is my responsibility to impart sage wisdom to the world. (Don’t blink, or you might miss it.) See the series introduction post for more on my saga. But for now, lesson #8 for 2012:

Plan on having no success until one year after the release of your third novel.

As always it is critical to know thyself. If you are more of an entrepreneur than a writer, you may be able to shake your money maker and find commercial success with one or two novels. I’ve seen a few people do it.

On the other hand, if you are like me (an incompetent boob living in a fantasy bubble high off his own fart gas) it will take you even longer. (I’m not even going to go into doomsday scenarios due to the Department of Justice decision in regards to agency.)

If you are primarily a writer focus first on creating more and better content.

But, you will have to make up for marketing and sales deficiencies via adjustments to your writing.

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