RRS Roundup: Serial Steam

This week on Read it! Review it! Share it! I’m taking us back into the world of steampunk. But this ain’t your daughter’s steamy McSteampunk. This is genuine anachronistic steampunk. Spring-heeled Jack and the President’s Ring (The Magnetron Chronicles) First I have to clarify. This is a steampunk serial adventure, but it is not the … Read more RRS Roundup: Serial Steam

RRS Roundup: Wonderful Horribles

This week on Read it! Review it! Share it! I’ve whipped up a look at the short story. To be specific, a collection of them dealing with mortality and eternity! Paths to Divinity Paths to Divinity is not a helter-skelter collection of short stories (rather popular these days), but rather a reviving of a hibernating … Read more RRS Roundup: Wonderful Horribles

RRS Roundup: Mule Tamer-er

This week on┬áRead it! Review it! Share it! we’re gonna’ reload a western I recently blabbered on about right here on the Green Porch. So saddle up! Again. The Mule Tamer II, Chica’s Ride In the first Mule Tamer adventure Arvel Walsh meets the wild Chica (who becomes his wife). The sequel focuses on Chica … Read more RRS Roundup: Mule Tamer-er