Why I Liked Oblivion Better Than Star Trek

oblivionskystationThe past couple of months have been good for sci-fi movie goers. I actually managed to get away for Iron Man III (sort of sci-fi), Star Trek into Darkness and Oblivion. Here is why I like Oblivion better than the other two.

It felt like a science fiction movie. It was a science fiction movie. I like science fiction movies.

I suppose I should elaborate. Oblivion put considerable time and energy into the atmosphere and the ethos and the cinema-graphic beauty of the film. I’m not placing it on a level with Blade Runner, but that’s the sort of thing I’m talking about.

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RRS Roundup: Space Out, Tune In

This week on Read it! Review it! Share it! I offer a little bit of outer space, both satirically lighthearted and… not so much. First off: Gabriel’s Redemption (Evan Gabriel Trilogy) Meet Evan Gabriel. He’s your lovable military flunky. Does the right thing, saves his men, gets knifed in the back by political nepotism. You … Read more RRS Roundup: Space Out, Tune In

My Top 6 Underrated Sci-fi Movies

Serenity Movie PosterHere are the Green Porch’s favorite sci-fi movies that haven’t seen the love they deserve. Why, you may ask, would I bother blathering on about such a trifle? Hey, everyone else is yammering about Tim Tebow and Ron Paul, so why can’t I give some props to a few movies that deserve more attention? (Sheesh, get off your high speeder).

Anywho, you may not have seen them, but I’ll give you some reasons as to why you should. So let’s get on with…

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