LEGOs: Legitimate Excuse to Get Offspring

Lego SerenityI hadn’t thought of it when I first approached my wife with that certain twinkle in my eye, but in a world where couples have children for the tax write-off, why the hell not bring a child into the world for the sake of sharing one of life’s greatest pleasures? I’m talking of course about Legos.

At the age of eighteen, I boxed up the last of my childhood treasures and stowed them in the 180-degree attic space of my parents’ Texas home. With those treasures went a mighty cardboard box of Legos. At the time, I thought I would never again experience the insight and satisfaction those plastic bricks brought me for so many years.

More than just a vehicle for fine motor skills, those bricks produced endless plans for disposable automobiles and rotating hallways and underground bunkers on the moon. Legos unlocked my geeky architect and creative hubris.

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Top 10 Simpsons Episodes for Spiritual Discussion

Holy HomerIt has recently come to my attention that a simple listing of Simpsons episodes openly dealing with spiritual issues can be a bit difficult to find. Since I have watched an episode every night of my life for the past 15 years (thirteen of those as a campus pastor) it took little energy to create such list. So I hope this helps!

Homer Vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment (Season 2): Homer steals cable (as American as stealing apple pie!), but Lisa fears for his soul. This is a good episode for bringing up character issues, stealing and integrity. How do we respond when corruption is the norm?

Homer the Heretic (Season 4): Homer skips church and proceeds to have the best morning of his life, thus deciding to never go to church again and develop his own faith. This episode brings up the issues of Church and community. Why do we bother to be a part of something so messed up and annoying (sometimes)?

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