LEGOs: Legitimate Excuse to Get Offspring

Lego SerenityI hadn’t thought of it when I first approached my wife with that certain twinkle in my eye, but in a world where couples have children for the tax write-off, why the hell not bring a child into the world for the sake of sharing one of life’s greatest pleasures? I’m talking of course about Legos.

At the age of eighteen, I boxed up the last of my childhood treasures and stowed them in the 180-degree attic space of my parents’ Texas home. With those treasures went a mighty cardboard box of Legos. At the time, I thought I would never again experience the insight and satisfaction those plastic bricks brought me for so many years.

More than just a vehicle for fine motor skills, those bricks produced endless plans for disposable automobiles and rotating hallways and underground bunkers on the moon. Legos unlocked my geeky architect and creative hubris. As we all know, if it can be built in Lego, it can, nay MUST be built to true, functioning specs.

The moment my oldest son turned four, I took it upon myself to begin his education into the world of Lego. So masterfully did I employ my tactics, until he discovers this blog, he will think the passion was his own idea. (Honestly, with all the Lego apps and library books these days, Lego has already begun the indoctrination.)

Not only has Lego provided my sons and me with hours of quality time together, the plastic blocks make it possible for me to capture and pass on to the next generation the most essential aspects of my cultural upbringing. Everything from my spiritual beliefs:


to my favorite television shows:

Simpsons Lego Set

Lego, not only have you improved my parenting, but you’ve made the world a better place. I salute you and your money-grubbing, maniacal-merchandizing, corporate empire. (Which oddly is the target of their own upcoming Lego Movie.) Without you, finding Youtube videos for my kids to watch before bedtime would be a tiny bit harder.

Oh, one last thing–a shout out for the awesome website, Brick Instructions. Thanks for all the free plans!

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