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The Unifying Sitcom of Everything

donut simpsonsSome still say that String Theory isn’t Physics, but Philosophy. ┬áThose are the types who insist that T.V.’s the Simpsons isn’t a sitcom, but a cartoon. The debate will certainly continue until 22nd Century Fox becomes our governing body and rules “Smell you later” as the official salutation of the English language.

Until then, let me just say that the holy grail lies within your grasp if you so choose to embrace it. Jerry Bruckheimer has long speculated that our universe contains the concept for a unifying sitcom of everything — a television show that stitches together all the main constituents of American society and every facet of our flaccid lives.

Matt Groenig has given us that television show– The Simpsons. Since 1990 the show has evolved and advanced, stretching its tentacles into every nook and cranny of our cultural conscience. After over twenty years the process is complete. I’m not suggesting that everyone in U.S. society likes the show. Affinity has nothing to do with unification of thoughts, feelings and ideas.

I’m saying that within the writing and the ethos of the show itself, one can discover the entire warp and weave of American life. If discovered by intelligent life beyond our system it would explain or motivations, our desires. It contains our strengths and faults. It belies our neurosis. The Simpsons explains the workings of our economy, our academia, our government and our leisure.

Sure other sitcoms will be upheld, touted even, for a time. But as fads come and fads go, ┬áthose wishing to reduce our American world to its base equation will eventually prove The Simpsons to be the only answer–the unifying sitcom of everything American. (**North American *** with the exception of Canada and Mexico).

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